Roadside in Cheyenne, Wyoming

Roadside Service in Cheyenne, Wyoming

Patriot Diesel Service’s roadside assistance service is only available from our heavy-duty repair shop. We do not provide roadside assistance services from our light-duty shop. If you have a heavy-duty truck that’s broken down in the Cheyenne, Wyoming area, call us and we’ll dispatch an operator.

Common Causes of Breakdown

Overheating Engine

One of the most common causes of an unexpected breakdown is an overheating engine. If your engine overheats, we highly recommend pulling over and calling us for help. Diesel engines that overheat for prolonged periods of time run the risk of blowing their head gasket, which is far more expensive to fix than the cause of the overheating itself. Common overheating causes include a busted fan clutch, leaking coolant, and a plugged radiator.

Blown or Punctured Tire

Have you had a tire blow it? If so, give us a call and we’ll arrange for an operator to come to your location. There’s nothing worse than being sidelined due to something as simple as tire damage. One of our operators will come to your location and swap out the tire with a spare.

Overheating Transmission

If your transmission is overheating, we highly recommend pulling over right away. A transmission that’s overheating is usually caused by old transmission fluid or a damaged transmission cooler. Be sure to call our shop and request roadside assistance right away to avoid significant damage to your transmission. A transmission that overheats for a prolonged period of time runs the risk of burning out gears and its clutch.

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