Truck Exhaust System Repair Services in Cheyenne, WY

Do you have an exhaust leak? Are your after-treatment components not functioning properly? If so, we highly recommend visiting Patriot Diesel Service. We offer services for light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks throughout Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Light-Duty Truck Exhaust System Repair Services

Light-duty trucks have complex exhaust systems to keep harmful fumes away from their passenger compartments. Aside from protecting the driver, exhaust systems are also responsible for protecting our natural environment. Through the use of a DPF, EGR system, SCR catalyst, and DOC catalyst, emissions are either stored or converted into their harmless base components. Although the entire system is generally self-contained and doesn’t require much maintenance, there are services that must be performed to keep the system functioning long-term. For example, DPFs store matter rather than convert it, meaning it will eventually need to be cleaned. Even self-cleaning DPFs need regeneration services every once in a while.

Common Light-Duty Exhaust Issues

Light-duty trucks tend to have low-hanging exhausts, whereas heavy-duty trucks may have large stacks elevated into the air. Since lighter trucks have low-hanging exhausts, they’re more prone to exhaust leaks, rust, and coming in contact with road debris. Fortunately, we here at Patriot Diesel Service have excellent exhaust repair services. We’ll patch up any exhaust leaks before they become too concerning. Many presume exhaust leaks are nothing but an annoyance, but in reality, they can actually be quite dangerous. If your exhaust is leaking out from under your passenger compartment, the emissions may not be funnelled away from the driver. For those that aren’t aware, diesel emissions are a known carcinogen, meaning exhaust leaks can cause a wide array of health issues.

Medium and Heavy-Duty Truck Exhaust Services

Heavy and medium-duty trucks also have exhaust systems that must be maintained and repaired as necessary. Like light-duty exhaust systems, heavy-duty versions also protect both the driver and our natural environment. Since heavy-duty models have to deal with more emissions, they’re more likely to have SCR and DOC catalysts alongside DPFs and EGR systems. Although this makes the after-treatment process more effective, it also means there are more areas in which the system can fail. Common problems include a clogged SCR and DOC, a clogged DPF, and exhaust leaks.

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