Heavy-Duty Truck & Trailer Alignment in Cheyenne, Wyoming

Heavy-Duty Truck & Trailer Alignment Service in Cheyenne, Wyoming

Is your truck and trailer not tracking straight? If so, you may benefit from our truck and trailer alignment services! Patriot Diesel Service offers alignment services for heavy-duty trucks in and around Cheyenne, Wyoming. Call today to book an appointment!

Symptoms of Misalignment

The symptoms of misalignment are hard to miss. First of all, your truck is likely going to be pulling to one side. This is quite common for trucks that have misaligned toe angles, meaning your wheels are pointed in different directions. This puts a lot of stress on your tierods and, as such, should be fixed right away. Other symptoms include poor fuel efficiency, premature and uneven tire wear, poor handling, and poor maneuverability.

Benefits of Alignment

When getting your heavy-duty truck aligned, you’re likely going to notice the following benefits right away. First of all, your truck will likely track a lot straighter and will handle significantly better. The boost in handling is a result of returning your suspension and steering components back to their factory specifications and placement. Other benefits include enhanced fuel efficiency since your truck is no longer forced to work at odd angles, reduced tire wear, and enhanced performance.

Long-Term Effects of Misalignment

If misalignment is left unchecked for too long, there are several long-term effects and impacts you will almost certainly notice. Firstly, you’ll likely see premature wear of your bushings, for they’re being forced to absorb more road vibration due to the misalignment. The faster these bushings wear out, the sooner the parts protected by the bushings wear out. You’ll also be spending a lot more money on tires in the long run, for they’ll wear out faster due to the odd operating angles.

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