Truck Suspension Repair Services in Cheyenne, WY

Your suspension is a critical system that supports the weight of your truck, trailer, and cargo. At Patriot Diesel Service, we provide repair and maintenance services for light, medium, and heavy-duty suspension setups. Everything from leaf spring setups to air suspension is fair game.

About Our Suspension Repair Services for Trucks & Fleets

Light-Duty Suspension System Services

Light-duty trucks don’t generally have air suspension setups, and instead, use leaf spring setups. Leaf springs are attached to your frame using shackles and hangers, and provide a consistent level of strength. Leaf springs are incredibly strong and don’t need much maintenance, but over time they will almost certainly wear down. The most common problem with leaf spring setups is rust. Fortunately, these setups are very easy to repair for they’re super simple and parts are widely available.

Symptoms of Leaf Spring Malfunction

If you notice any of the following symptoms, your leaf spring suspension may be in need of repair: Squatting underweight, sagging to one side, violent shaking when hauling, inverted leaf springs, and rattling sounds. Generally, these symptoms mean your leaf springs are at the end of their life and need to be replaced.

Shock Absorber Repair

Alongside your leaf springs will be a set of shock absorbers. Leaf springs support the weight, but shock absorbers absorb road vibrations and impacts. This keeps you comfortable and your cargo secure. If shock absorbers leak or fail, those impacts won’t be absorbed and the rebound movement of your truck won’t be controlled.

Heavy-Duty Suspension System Services

Unlike light-duty diesel trucks, heavy-duty trucks generally use air suspension to keep support their truck and its cargo. The benefit of air suspension is the variability. The strength and rigidity that leaf springs provide can be provided by air suspension, but when it's not needed, the airbags can become much softer. This allows for a smoother ride for the driver and puts less stress on your shock absorbers and bushings.

Although air suspension is far superior to that of leaf springs, it’s not without its own set of common problems. Air suspension requires an air compressor and its associated infrastructure to work, meaning there’s a lot more that may fail. Air needs to be stored, dried, and transferred to each wheel. Not only do you have compressed air lines that may leak, but valves and other electronic components that may short out.

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