Truck Brake Repair Services in Cheyenne, WY

Regardless of whether you drive a light, medium, or heavy-duty truck, brakes are a critical system that must be maintained on a regular basis. At Patriot Diesel Service, we’ll repair and maintain both light-duty and heavy-duty brakes. Whether you need your Ram 3500’s disc brakes replaced or the drum brakes repaired on a large semi, Patriot Diesel Service has you covered.

Our Light-Duty Truck Brake Repair & Maintenance Services

Light-duty diesel trucks generally use powerful disc brake setups to come to a stop. To ensure these setups work properly, it’s of the utmost importance that they’re maintained on a regular basis. Disc brakes need to be changed out every 30 to 60 thousand miles. Typically a brake job includes the replacement of your rotors and pads. However, if the interval is surpassed, replacing your heavy-duty brake calipers may also be required. Fortunately, we here at Patriot Diesel Service have the light-duty brake services you need to get your truck braking smoothly again.

Symptoms of Worn Out or Malfunctioning Disc Brakes

Disc brakes will generally last anywhere from 30 to 60 thousand miles. However, in certain instances, your brakes can wear out before the interval’s up. As such, it’s important to take note of the common signs of disc malfunction so you can identify any premature wear. In the case of bad calipers, your truck will likely pull to one side. If your rotors and pads wear out prematurely, you’ll notice poor braking performance and potentially hear screeching sounds if your setup has noise indicators.

Our Medium and Heavy-Duty Truck Brake Repair & Maintenance Services

Patriot Diesel Service is an all-encompassing repair shop, and as such, we do brake maintenance and repair on medium and heavy duty trucks as well. Since heavier-duty trucks use compressed air instead of brake fluid, their brake setups tend to be more complex. The most common setup is drum brake style, for it matches well with compressed air. Whether you need your brake pads replaced, your brake adjusters calibrated, or your brake shoes repaired, you can count on Patriot Diesel Service to have your back.

Symptoms of Worn Drum Brakes

Worn heavy-duty drum brakes are slightly more difficult to diagnose than disc setups for they don’t have noise indicators. Symptoms of worn drum brakes include pulling to one side, exaggerated compression of your brake pedal before the brakes activate, and long compression times. Pulling to one side is generally a result of seized brake shoes, as your brake shoes control the movement of your brake pads. Extreme brake pedal travel is generally the result of a brake adjuster that needs calibration, and long compression times can be blamed on a damaged air compressor. Sometimes unloader valves seize and make it harder for compressors to run properly, hence the long compression times.

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