General Diesel Repair Services in Cheyenne, WY

Patriot Diesel and Automotive is one of the only repair shops in Wyoming that provide repair and maintenance services to light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles. However, there are certain services that are only available to certain classifications.

About Our General Diesel Repair Services

Light-Duty Diesel Repair Services

Our light-duty services are only available at our Hinckley Drive shop, located at 1811 Hinckley Drive in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Are you looking to get your light-duty truck or fleet of light-duty trucks serviced on a mobile basis? If so, you’ve come to the right repair shop. Patriot Diesel and Automotive understands that it can be difficult to commute to and from our shop at the same as you handle your demanding delivery or work schedule. To make this easier, we’ll come to you and get the job done from the location of your choosing. This means you have more time to deliver your cargo and can save some cash on diesel fuel.

Exclusively Heavy-Duty Truck Services

Our heavy-duty services are only available at our FoxFarm Road shop, located at 2503 E Foxfarm Rd in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Roadside Assistance

Our roadside assistance services are only available to medium and heavy-duty trucks. This includes large semis, large flatbeds, large wreckers, and other heavy-duty vehicles. If you’ve broken down on the side of the road, whether it be a coolant issue or a blown tire, you can rely on Patriot Diesel and Automotive to get you back up and running. Do keep in mind that we do not perform tire repairs ourselves, and will instead facilitate the repair with our industry partners.

Truck and Trailer Alignment

At Patriot Diesel and Automotive, we offer truck and trailer alignment services from our heavy-duty shop only. We do not provide alignment services to light or medium-duty trucks. However, we can facilitate light-duty alignments with our industry partners.

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Our Locations

Bring Your Vehicle to Patriot Diesel and Automotive

Patriot Diesel and Automotive

Located on 1811 Hinckley Drive in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Patriot Diesel and Automotive is a light-duty repair shop that offers a full range of services for light-duty diesel trucks. Whether you need large-scale engine repair or basic preventive maintenance, you can rest assured knowing Patriot Diesel and Automotive has your back. Please also keep in mind that this particular location can facilitate light-duty alignments with our industry partners, but we don’t do them ourselves.

If you drive a Dodge Ram 3500, Ford F350, or any other light-duty diesel truck, you can count on Patriot Diesel and Automotive to have your back. With decades of combined experience working on light-duty trucks, there’s no better place to call than Patriot Diesel and Automotive.
Monday - Friday: 8AM - 5PM
Saturday - Sunday: CLOSED

Patriot Diesel Heavy-Duty

Located on 2503 E Fox Farm Road in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Patriot Diesel Heavy-Duty is a brick-and-mortar diesel repair shop that focuses primarily on medium and heavy-duty truck repair. This location offers both mobile services and roadside assistance to heavy-duty trucks. Unlike our light-duty location, Patriot Diesel Heavy-Duty offers truck and trailer alignment services, heavy equipment repair, RV repair, and other similar services.

Looking to get your heavy-duty or medium-duty truck maintained? Give us a call today to find out more!
Monday - Friday: 8AM - 5PM
Saturday - Sunday: CLOSED
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