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Here at Patriot Diesel and Auto, we specialize in a wide range of repair and maintenance services for light-duty diesel trucks. Whether you're in need of routine maintenance, such as oil changes and alignment, or more intricate repairs to address system damages, our skilled mechanics are equipped to handle your needs.

We're known for our swift service delivery, accurate estimates, and durable repairs. We ensure the use of OEM parts or top-grade aftermarket alternatives to guarantee the best results. Curious about our approach? Reach out to our shop today to chat with a customer service representative.

Which Manufacturers Do We Service?

At Patriot Diesel and Auto, our expertise covers a broad spectrum of light-duty diesel truck manufacturers, from popular half-ton trucks to one-ton pickups. Our comprehensive services include all key repair and maintenance tasks. To view the list of manufacturers we service, kindly visit our Diesel Truck Repairs by Manufacturer page.

How Do I Maintain My Diesel Truck?

Maintaining a diesel truck might seem complex, but it's quite manageable with the right approach. While maintenance recommendations vary by manufacturer, the basics include:

Oil and Fluid Changes

Your diesel truck requires regular changes of various fluids according to the manufacturer's service intervals. This includes engine oil, transmission fluid, differentials, transfer cases (for 4WD trucks), power steering fluid, and more.

Filter Changes

With every oil change, it's essential to replace several filters to ensure your truck runs smoothly. These include the oil filter, engine air filter, and cabin air filter. Additionally, it’s important to change your fuel filter with each oil change. 

Light-Duty Truck Alignment

Regular alignment checks are crucial for maintaining the integrity of your suspension and steering systems. An annual alignment ensures each component operates at the correct angles, minimizing premature wear.

For a comprehensive list of maintenance services your diesel truck needs, please feel free to contact us at Patriot Diesel and Auto.

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