EGR & DPF Repair in Cheyenne, Wyoming

EGR & DPF in Cheyenne, Wyoming

Your Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) are two of the most important emissions control systems in your heavy-duty truck. At Patriot Diesel Service, we offer great emissions control systems to drivers and fleet managers in and around Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Check Engine Lights & Malfunctioning Indicator Lamps

Your aftertreatment system is an incredibly important part of your heavy-duty truck. Unlike other systems in your truck, aftertreatment problems cannot be ignored. A super basic issue, if left unchecked for too long, can cascade into a large issue that may cost you thousands of dollars on top of what it would have cost originally.

Check engine lights can mean a variety of things, but they will always appear when you have an aftertreatment issue. We highly recommend getting your truck inspected if your check engine light appears for it could end up saving you thousands in aftertreatment-related repairs. A malfunctioning indicator lamp is generally oriented towards aftertreatment issues and has a system behind it that’s designed to put your truck into limp mode in order to prevent further damage.

Light-Duty EGR and DPF Services

Light-duty diesel trucks like the Dodge Ram 3500 and Ford F350 both have a DPF and EGR system. These systems are incredibly important, for they protect our natural environment from harmful diesel emissions. Although these systems can go for long periods of time without maintenance, they should still be inspected on a regular basis. Catching a seized EGR valve or clogged DPF can save you a lot of money in the long run. At Patriot Diesel Service, we offer great EGR and DPF repair and maintenance services to drivers and fleet managers throughout Cheyenne, Wyoming. Whether you need DPF regeneration services or complex EGR repairs, you can count on our staff to have your back.

Common Light-Duty EGR System Problems

One of the most common EGR system problems is definitely a seized EGR valve. Since your EGR valve is constantly coming in contact with unfiltered exhaust fumes, it can seize and malfunction due to exposure alone. The high level of carbon and soot in your exhaust is often enough to really put your EGR valve through the ringer. Symptoms of a malfunctioning EGR valve include a rough idle, stalling, poor performance, poor fuel economy, and hard starts. Schedule an appointment with Patriot Diesel Service to get your EGR system repaired today!

Medium and Heavy-Duty EGR and DPF Services

Just like light-duty diesel trucks, medium and heavy-duty trucks also use a DPF and EGR system. Your EGR system is responsible for lessening the production of NOx, whereas your DPF is responsible for capturing soot and other harmful contaminants before they reach our natural environment. Since medium and heavy-duty diesels produce significantly more emissions than light-duty trucks, it’s quite common for SCR and DOC catalysts to join in on the after-treatment process. Rather than capturing soot like a DPF, your SCR and DOC are responsible for converting harmful pollutants like carbon monoxide and NOx into their basic compounds. This renders them harmless, and as such, eases your engine’s effect on our environment.

DPF Services at Patriot Diesel Service

Your Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is responsible for capturing soot and other contaminants produced by your diesel engine. Unlike your SCR and DOC, your DPF stores matter rather than converting them into something else. This unfortunately means your DPF needs to be cleaned out on a regular basis. Most manufacturers recommend a service interval of about 3 years, although that may change depending on usage and the age of the truck. Call Patriot Diesel Service today for DPF regeneration services!

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