Volvo Truck Repair Specialists in Cheyenne, WY

Volvo is well known for building high-quality semi-trucks. Although these trucks don’t generally require intensive maintenance, routine preventive maintenance is still highly recommended. Volvo truck drivers in and around the Cheyenne, Wyoming area will find fantastic Volvo repair and maintenance services at Patriot Diesel Service.

Common Volvo Services

Engine Repair

Volvo engines don’t tend to break down if properly maintained, but if neglected, damage is almost inevitable. Fortunately, we here at Patriot Diesel Service offer great engine repair services for Volvo semi trucks. Whether you’ve blown a head gasket, have clogged fuel injectors, or need valves replaced, you can count on Patriot Diesel Service to get the job taken care of. We pride ourselves on our high-quality work, and will never cut corners. Call today to learn more.

Heavy-Duty Alignment

Like most trucks out there, Volvo trucks need to be aligned once every few years to ensure they handle properly and don’t have components wearing out prematurely. The benefits of getting your Volvo truck aligned include improved handling, better fuel efficiency, lengthened tire lifespan, and enhanced performance.

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