Common Questions We're Asked

Why Won’t My Truck Start?

Your truck has a complex ignition system that allows your engine to start. If any of the components within the system fail or malfunction, your truck likely won’t start. First things first, ignition issues are usually caused by a dead battery. Batteries die as a result of their age or background issues like low temperature and faulty alternators. Fortunately, we here at Patriot Diesel Service have the tools and equipment to solve these problems. We’ll install a block heater to fight off the frigid temperatures, repair or replace your alternator, and get you a fresh battery.

Why Choose Patriot Diesel Service?

Patriot Diesel Service has been tuning light-duty trucks for years. With time-tested process and a proven track record for success, you can’t go wrong with calling Patriot Diesel Service. Why not give us a call, and join the ranks of hundreds of happy customers? We’ll have your truck running better than ever before.

What Do Federal DOT Inspections Cover?

Federal DOT Inspections are designed to ensure your truck is fully functional and safe to traverse North American roads. The inspections primarily cover anything safety-related. This includes systems like your brakes, steering, lighting systems, cargo securement points, powertrain, suspension, and drivetrain. If all of these systems work properly, you can rest assured knowing you’ll pass the inspection. If you fail the inspection, you’ll have access to our vast array of repair and maintenance services that will ensure you pass the second time around.

What Are The Benefits of Alignment?

When getting your heavy-duty truck aligned, you’re likely going to notice the following benefits right away. First of all, your truck will likely track a lot straighter and will handle significantly better. The boost in handling is a result of returning your suspension and steering components back to their factory specifications and placement. Other benefits include enhanced fuel efficiency since your truck is no longer forced to work at odd angles, reduced tire wear, and enhanced performance.

What Do Check Engine Lights & Malfunctioning Indicator Lamps Mean?

Your aftertreatment system is an incredibly important part of your heavy-duty truck. Unlike other systems in your truck, aftertreatment problems cannot be ignored. A super basic issue, if left unchecked for too long, can cascade into a large issue that may cost you thousands of dollars on top of what it would have cost originally.

Check engine lights can mean a variety of things, but they will always appear when you have an aftertreatment issue. We highly recommend getting your truck inspected if your check engine light appears for it could end up saving you thousands in aftertreatment-related repairs. A malfunctioning indicator lamp is generally oriented towards aftertreatment issues and has a system behind that’s designed to put your truck into limp mode in order to prevent further damage.