Truck Engine Repair, Rebuild, Overhaul & Conversion Services in Cheyenne, WY

Are you having engine trouble? Whether you drive a light, medium, or heavy-duty truck, you can rely on Patriot Diesel Service to provide you with the best service around. Engine repair, rebuild, overhaul, and conversion services for drivers and fleet managers in and around Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Light-Duty Diesel Engine Repair Services

Do you have a light-duty truck that needs engine work? Whether you need simple repairs or an entire overhaul, you can count on Patriot Diesel Service to have your back. Diesel engines are often considered to be unstoppable forces of nature, but that’s only true if they’re properly maintained. Something as simple as missing an oil change can cause damage and premature wear. Fortunately, we here at Patriot Diesel Service are diesel engine experts. No matter how bad the damage is, no job is too big or too complex for our technicians. We love working on engines, and look forward to your call!

Common Light-Duty Engine Damage

One of the most common light-duty engine problems is clogged diesel fuel injectors. Your injectors are very sensitive in the sense that they can become clogged very easily if your filters aren’t fully operational. If your fuel filters aren’t changed regularly, impurities in your fuel may pass through them and reach your injectors. Symptoms of clogged injectors include a check engine light, a rough idle, poor performance, failure to start, and stalling. Other common problems on light-duty engines include a malfunctioning EGR valve, fuel pump issues, and fuel rail issues.

Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Repair Services

Heavy-duty engines are a lot bigger than light-duty engines and, as such, have a significantly higher power output. This higher power output often correlates to more severe damage if the engine isn’t properly maintained and taken care of. Fortunately, we here at Patriot Diesel Service offer both engine repair and maintenance services for heavy-duty trucks of all kinds. Whether you drive a large Peterbilt semi or a medium-duty flatbed, you can count on us to have your back.

Common Heavy-Duty Engine Damage

One of the most common issues with heavy-duty engines is by far overheating issues. Overheating issues are usually blamed on a faulty coolant system, but the engine itself can also be at fault. Something as simple as old oil can increase friction and heat, and put too much pressure on your coolant system. Another common cause of an overheating heavy-duty engine is a busted EGR valve or EGR cooler. If the exhaust gas entering your combustion chamber isn’t cooled properly, it may increase your combustion temperature to the point where more heat is being produced than dispersed.

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