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Mack builds some of the toughest heavy-duty trucks out there, but even they aren’t immune to wear and tear. Without proper preventive maintenance, Mack trucks will break down just like the rest. At Patriot Diesel Service, we offer fantastic services for Mack’s entire semi-truck lineup.

Common Mack Truck Services

Aftertreatment Component Repair

Are you having trouble with one or more of your after-treatment components? Whether it be a DPF that’s reached max capacity or an SCR catalyst that’s been clogged, you can count on Patriot Diesel Service to get your after-treatment system back up and running. Symptoms of after-treatment malfunction include your engine going into limp mode, poor fuel efficiency, poor performance, and dark exhaust fumes. These symptoms will often be paired with an exhaust warning light on your dashboard.

Coolant System Maintenance

Did you know one of the most common causes of breakdown is fan clutch malfunction? Your fan clutch is responsible for engaging and disengaging your cooling fan when necessary. If this clutch breaks or malfunctions, your cooling fan may not run, and heat won’t be dispersed properly. This will cause your engine to overheat and sideline your delivery schedule. Fortunately, we here at Patriot Diesel Service are coolant system experts. We’ll have your fan clutch repaired or replaced before you know it.

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